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What are Cholesterol levels and lowering your cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol levels are the difference between life and death. You must reduce your cholesterol levels. A high cholesterol level means you will have a heart attack.

Cholesterol fact, or cholesterol fiction?

The answer is both simple and complex! Simple, in that cholesterol levels themselves are not the problem. Complex, because cholesterol levels signify a different problem (albeit an easy one to resolve).

What are cholesterol levels

Simply put, when your doctor measures your cholesterol level, he discovers how much of the varying types of cholesterol are circulating in your blood. As your doctor would have you believe, high cholesterol levels are bad and low cholesterol levels are good - because that's what he's paid to tell you!

Regardless of the amount of cholesterol in your diet, your liver will make however high or low a cholesterol level your body needs, period. High cholesterol diet or low cholesterol diet, your cholesterol levels will be the same - why? Check out our cholesterol page for full details.

Put simply, it doesn't matter whether your diet is high in cholesterol or low in cholesterol - cholesterol is so important to your body that it can, and does make your cholesterol levels exactly what it needs them to be.

Does it matter that you have "high cholesterol levels"?

Of course it does, but not for the reasons you think. High cholesterol levels signify that you are deficient in Vitamin C, which is used to repair the continual damage to your arteries. If you can't fix them, the body needs to do something else and high cholesterol levels show that your body is using its "reserve" repair material instead of its first choice, nothing more, nothing less.

As explained on our cholesterol page, the issue is not your high cholesterol levels, it is your dietary lack of vitamin C that causes high cholesterol levels, so stop worrying about your and cholesterol levels and start worrying about your vitamin C intake!

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