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Avoiding High Cholesterol Foods

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Cholesterol finds its way into our bodies in two main ways. The first is
through our liver, which produces differing amounts of cholesterol in
different people, and the second is through our diet.

A certain amount of cholesterol is needed by our bodies, but the liver
makes all that is required for us. Any cholesterol that we intake through
our food, is all extra cholesterol, and should be avoided as far as possible.
Thus, what to eat and what not to eat becomes a major concern for people
who are trying to become healthier and lower their cholesterol levels.

Many foods contain cholesterol and many donít. Food stuffs such as oils,
fats, and animal products including meat, eggs etc are cholesterol containing
foods. Plant foods do not contain cholesterol.

Within the category of cholesterol containing foods, there are those that are
cholesterol high foods, while some may contain lesser amounts of cholesterol.
Egg yolks as opposed to egg whites contain a very high amount of cholesterol.
But of late, research has lead doctors to believe that egg yolks increase the HDL
cholesterol, which is good for your heart and not the LDL cholesterol that is bad for you.

If you are in a quandary as to what to eat to lower your cholesterol levels, you
should minimize your intake of meat, fats, and dairy products. Increasing your
intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains can be very good for your heart as
they are not cholesterol high foods.

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