This is the index.htm page for your Niche Health Products Eating Disorder Minisite!
The index page is important because it is the gateway into the rest of your arthritis webpages.
If planned in the right way, the index page will get a lot of traffic, use it to sell an ebook, collect email address and names to build your marketing list or sell an affiliate product....use your imagination!

If you're short on time, simply open 1 of the webpages in this minisite with your html editior and "save as" index.htm. When you get time you can come back and spend some quality time designing your index page.

If this is your first minisite from Niche Health Products, please watch the videos on the left side of the minisite download page for instructions. The site is different and the file names that are edited in the videos is different, however, the concept is the same on all sites.

This site has a different design. Across the top are article snippets designed to look like google adsense ads. These snippets randomly rotate on a 24hr basis, below the snippets is a 728x90 google adsense ad.

NHP Eating Disorder Minisite--Instructions


Since a few of you have had problems with the minisites because of .htaccess and using FrontPage I have included 2 versions of the NHP Minisites:

  • #1 is the standard minisite with the htaccess file and webpages that end in .htm
  • #2 is a new version with no .htaccess file but with webpages that end in .php With this version you should be able to use FrontPage when editing and uploading your files. I'm curious to know how many of you use this version and how it works with FrontPage. Please drop me an email and let me know what you think or make a comment in the forum under the Adsense MiniSites and Graphics section.

You can download either version from the NHP-Minisite download page. Remember you must upload the "folder" and all its contents to your website! The folder name must remember the same as the downloaded folder.


To install this site, please unzip your downloaded file. Next use a ftp program like FileZilla to upload the "arthritis" folder with all its contents to your desired domain. If your domain is you will now have a site structure like this: click to see an example of the site. I put the instruction for editing this minisite on this index.htm page, however, you'll also find the same instruction page on your site at eating_disorder/index2.htm Therefore, you can still view the instruction guide when you create and edit your index.htm page.

If you prefer, you can still view the instruction guide for this minisite at my website

Each month I try to do something a little different with these sites. This month I flipped the navigation table to the left. This site has an internal design that is different design. The number and size of the rotating article snippets has changed. Across the top of the page are article snippets designed to look like google adsense ads. These snippets randomly rotate on a 24hr basis, below the snippets is a 728x90 google adsense ad. Be careful not to click on your own adsense ads!!!

At the top of the Naviagtion Table is a link back to the index.htm page and a link to the sitemap page. Directly under those are some clickbank links. Under the clickbank links is a single randomly rotated photo which is on top of a 180x90 google link ad.

Next are dynamically generated linked snippets which are randomly rotated on a 24 hour basis. At the bottom of the snippets are some radomly rotated sitemap links. Your site will be thouroughly interlinked!

Main Article

The article is wrapped with php included pages that are defined below. In essence you can add some content in front of the article and add some content at the end of the article. In the upper right hand side of the page is a 300x250 google ad, over the top of the google ad are 2 images that are randomly rotated out of a group of 27 or more images.


This is your index.htm page. As in the other NHP will want to create an index page that sells, promotes, informs or gives something away. You can temporairily throw up an Eating Disorder article, you can do just about anything with this page.

Make sure that you include one or more links that go back into the Eating Disorder Minisite. You could do something like this, placing these links on your index.htm page.

Here's some ideas for chosing a treatment

Understanding eating_disorders.

You can see the index page I created at notice the link in the upper left and there is also a link on the very bottom of the page that says More Info on Eating Disorder. It's important that you include these links back to the internal pages of your site, the search engine spiders will follow the links to index your pages.

Below is a list of files that you will need to edit so that this website will be unique to you. Remember, if each NHP member customizes these files, these sites will be very different...which is our goal.

Don't forget to edit your Niche Health Products PLR articles, I put myself, "Scott Parat" or "none", as the author for all the PLR articles (you can identify the PLR articles looking for my name or "Written by: No Author").....repeat, these are the articles you can completely edit. easy way to find all the PLR articles would be to open your website folder and do a search for "Scott Parat" and/or "none". I tried searching for Scott Parat in WindowsXP and it worked fine.



!clickbank.htm This is the file that has clickbank products with my affiliate id, which is "bestebook" or "scottparat". Make sure you remove my clickbank id and place your own. Obviously, you can delete them all or add any type of link you'd amazon, commision junction


You can change to look of your entire site by changing the background color, all you have to do is change the value that's in this file to represent the new color, the value currently is #330000

!footer2.htm I did not use this file, so you can ignore it

This file currently has a 750px table that is blue with some copyright info and an indentification of me,, you can leave the link or delete it, it would help me if you could leave it but it isn't necessary.

I use this file to place an adsense tracking id, you can really do anything your want with this file inlcuding deleting all the contents.

As with any of the php inlcudes that we are discussing, you can delete the contents of the file but you must upload the blank or empty file to your server!

!google160x90.htm not used on this site, however, you can use this file in any of the other included files, just make sure you change the google pub id#
!google180x90.htm You will find this file in the navigation table on the right side of the page. It has a google 180 px wide link text ad, on top of the ad is a randomly rotated image. The only thing you need to do is change the google pub id#
!google300x250.htm This is the 300 px wide google adsense ad at the top of the page. It has 2 randomly rotating images across the top. All you must do is change the google pub id#


This is the 728 px wide x 90 pixel google adsense ad at the top of the page. The only thing you need to do is change the google pub id#

!header_graphic.htm The header image is contained in a seperate 750 px table. This file can be used to change the image across all your pages. Simply edit the file with the location of the new file. Don't forget, you can add anything you'd like in this file and it will appear at the top of the page on the whole site.
!linkto_index.htm This is the link that is at the top of the navigation table on the left side of the page. It links back to the index page. I thought it would be a good thing if everyone created their own link text for your index page. Also you can add other links if you wanted.
!nav_bottom_extra.htm This is a file at the very bottom of the navigation table on the left side of this site. Currently it is empty, therefore, you need not do a thing to it. However, it can be used to add additional material to the bottom of the nav table.
1-articleextra-end.htm The contents of this file appear at the end of each article. Use this as a way of adding some important additional information, links for speacial offers. Add an image of yourself, include a link back to one of your health ebook offers. Once again, add as much or as little as you want. Its here for you to use as a way of making these pages unique.


This site was created with a split in the main article. Whatever you put in this file, will show up someplace in the middle of all the articles. Once again, use your imagination.

1-top_intro-extra.htm This file is basically the same as the last one except that it is directly above the article. Whatever you put in this file will show up on all the pages at the top of the page right before that start of the article text.

You don't have to do any of the below edits, however, I would recommend that you change the title tags and the metatags. It would be to your benefit!

Sitemap1.htm and Sitemap2.htm
Sitemap1.php and Sitemap2.php

You will need to edit 2 places on the sitemap pages. I left the "title" tags blank. You should enter an appropiate name for your site map pages these are the following tags <title></title> you would enter an appropiate name between those tags.

You should also edit the meta tags, these are tight under the title tags as follows:

<meta http-equiv="DESCRIPTION" content="Title">
<meta http-equiv="KEYWORDS" content="Keywords">

Replace the "red" Title with a sentence or two about sleep apnea. Replace the "red" Keywords with some keywords specific to sleep apnea, make sure you seperate keywords with comma's.