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"At Last!
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From: Scott Parat

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And here's a sneaky peak at what you'll discover

  • Heart Attacks and coronary problems explained in easily understandable English
  • The difference between Stable and Unstable Angina
  • All those bewildering medications explained simply and easily (For instance do you know what a thrombolytic is)...
  • Some really simple ways to return you to fitness and activity (A step by step guide)
  • Proven steps to maintaining a fitness programme tailored around you and your heart!
  • How to eat sensibly. (Were you eating properly before your heart attack)?
  • The simple keys to ensuring you and your diet are compatible
  • When you should restart your sex life (And yes you can... Lots of people worry about this one)
  • AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes proven strategies for reducing those stress levels that helped cause your heart attack in the first place!
  • Lot's of Tips and tricks for Optimizing your whole lifestyle
  • Discover an easy way to regain your confidence after your illness
  • Let us show you how to regain your health and happiness
  • REVEALED! The risk factors for heart attack everyone should know, and Your secret weapon for combating those risk factors

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If for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee   

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