Dr. Janet Starr Hull’s
Ten Steps To Detoxification®

How To Prevent Radiation, Heavy Metals, Mercury, and Food Chemicals From Destroying Your Health

I have created an effective, easy, and safe way to detox (cleanse) the body to assist in the prevention of disease. My proven Ten Step Detoxification Program will help restore your health, gain energy, and purify your body of toxins.

I have combined five primary nutritional components that remove toxins, replace nutrients depleted by toxicity, and restore a natural state of health.

Like peeling the layers off an onion, as each layer is removed, the underlying layers reveal what’s really behind disease symptoms. The deeper you go toward the ‘core’ of the problem, healing becomes long-term reality.

How Can the Detox Program Help You?

The Detox Program identifies the toxin or toxins present within the body and removes the toxins via the water stores, urine, fecal wastes, and the bloodstream. Most toxins can be removed if the program is followed for the duration the toxins are present within the body tissues, and The Detox Program is so natural, it can be used for your lifetime as a maintenance program for future chemical exposures.

The Detox Program can remove:

  • Radiation
  • Heavy Metals i.e. mercury
  • Food Chemicals i.e. aspartame
  • Pesticides
  • Yeast
  • Mold
  • Microorganisms
  • Toxic by-products from drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Alcohol toxicity
  • And more!

Human beings are exposed to a myriad of chemicals today and the many interactions these chemicals have with one another is a problem within itself. It takes time, dedication, and skill to determine which chemicals are causing what physical reactions and health symptoms.

Determining the source of illness and disease syndromes takes good detective work, but it’s the only way to determine what may be at the root of health problems. Once determined, the Detoxification Program has a greater chance of success.

Hi Dr. Janet Starr Hull,

I am so excited about this program and am so grateful to you for caring! I've enclosed pictures of my children because it makes me feel better for you to know how precious they are to me, and how dedicated I am at getting my life back!

You, and all the information you have provided on your website, have kept me more positive than I've ever felt in 15 years.

Many Thanks,

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Identify, Remove, and Restore

The basic process of the Detox Program is to identify, remove, and restore.

Identify what toxins are at the root of your health problems.

Remove the toxins by detoxing your body using nutritional supplements.

Restore lost nutrients.

Ten Step Detox Overview

Ten Steps To Detoxification

How To Prevent Radiation, Heavy Metals, and Food Chemicals
From Destroying Your Health
By Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN

Table of Contents

Author’s Note
Chapter 1 - Why Detox?
Chapter 2 - Ten Steps To Detoxification
Chapter 3 - The Detox Process-How To Begin
Chapter 4 - Detoxing Disease
Chapter 5 - What To Expect
Chapter 6 - 1942 Cook Book
Chapter 7 - Body pH Balancing / Meal Recommendations
Chapter 8 - How To Do A Hair Analysis
Chapter 9 - The Soviet’s French Green Clay
Chapter 10 - My Own Brush With Death
Chapter 11 - Case Histories ASPARTAME
Chapter 12 - Case Histories INFECTIONS

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What Is A Hair Analysis

A hair analysis determines exactly what chemicals are inside of you, including radiation. Generic medical lab tests don't identify deep tissue toxins or nutrient depletions. The hair analysis is the BEST tool out there.

Dear Dr. Hull,

Before I got on your detox program I was noticing many health symptoms including: irregular sleeping patterns, fatigue, depression, emotional instability, among other side effects. I have been a vegetarian my whole life and have always been extremely healthy, so I was sure my diet had nothing to do with my symptoms.

So I decided to try your detox program. With the results that came back from the hair analysis, you helped identify mercury poisoning within my body (from all the canned tuna I had been consistently eating for the past 15 years) and within days all my health symptoms improved and I feel better than ever.

The results from your detox program have given me more energy, I require less sleep, but most of all, my body feels healthier than it ever has before.

Thank you so much,
Andy Smith

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About Dr. Janet Starr Hull

I wasn’t always a Doctor of Nutrition and Natural Medicine. I am a geologist and international geographer by degree, a licensed Environmental Hazardous Waste Specialist and Toxicologist, a former fire fighter, and college professor. I had a change in career after I cured myself from an "incurable disease", Grave’s Disease in 1991. I was told I would die, but the doctors didn’t know what caused my "fatal" thyroid disorder or how to cure it. They simply knew how to mask my symptoms with radiation and life-long medications.

How I Cured My Own Disease

I decided to use my environmental skills to find the cause of my disease before I agreed to destroy my thyroid gland; consequently signing up for a lifelong dependency on expensive medications to stay alive. I found the cause of my illness-the chemical in diet drinks, aspartame. When I removed the toxin, I healed myself in thirty days. I’ve been perfectly healthy ever since. No surgery and no medications – and NO aspartame!

I developed the Ten Steps To Detoxification as a result of my personal experience. I have hundreds of case files from people who have restored their health by simply identifying the cause of their diseases and following the Detox Program. Read more about Dr. Janet Starr Hull.

What's Included with the Detox Program?

Detox Program by Dr. Janet Starr Hull

110+ pages of nutritional information

10 Steps to help Detox your body of illness

Vitamin and Detox Product Recommendations

Six week Detox Schedule

Hair Analysis Information

75/25 Eating Plan for proper pH balancing

Free Bonuses for Ordering (Download Only!)

Richardson Cancer Diet

Alternative Cancer Resources

Access to Dr. Hull's nutrition and holistic related health articles

Notes about the Detox Program

I have been actively operating my own nutritional counseling and holistic med practice for over four years. The Detox Program eBook is like downloading a virtual counseling session with me, and I have many testimonials andcase histories proving that this program works. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

About the eBook

The Ten Steps To Detoxification is a 110+ page digital eBook file that you can instantly download directly to your computer. You can read or print off of your computer within minutes after purchasing.

What is an eBook? The eBook is in an Adobe PDF digital format, but you must have the free Adobe PDF viewer to read the eBook. Please visit the following URL to download the free Adobe PDF viewer if you don't have it already on your computer:

  Download the Free Adobe PDF Viewer

The eBook is compatible with both Macintosh and PC formatted computers. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader you should be able to open the eBook no problem.

The detox program is an affective, easy, and safe way to cleanse your body of modern disease symptoms. The proven Ten Steps will help you restore your health, gain energy, and purify your body, mind, and spirit.

I have witnessed the Detox Program help hundreds of people worldwide identify toxins, remove them from their body tissues, and replace depleted nutrients to balance their health. I hope you enjoy my book and all I have to share. Wishing you the best.