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Medicine For Free Is an internet resource which provides complete information on close to
2,000 FREE MEDICINE programs which are available to people living in the US. 

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If you are taking 1 medicine, or 10 or more medicines on a regular basis, Medicine For Free has a program or programs just right for you.

1.  To access this information all you need to do is go to our web site click on the link for your medicine and the complete information on its free medicine program will "pop up".

2.  Follow the directions, and your medicine will be sent to you "FREE OF CHARGE

See a list of the medicines currently available for FREE click here!

About The Programs

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Each program for each different medication will have different requirements.  When you look up your medicine from our list you will be taken to the medication information page click here.

Then, just follow the simple directions; and, in a few weeks, you'll have your meds in your home, sitting on your kitchen counter and you will not have had to pay one red cent for them!

To access our site all you need to do is register with us. 
The annual fee is only $14.95