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Observations on Dragon Flies


The primary object in adding these studies to this book, is to introduce the reader to another of Nature's creatures, a formidable enemy of the mosquito, which, could we enlist it in our campaigns, would make possible a 24-hour-a-day war by its natural enemies against that most baneful of creatures. As we have learned, we have, in the nocturnal twelve hours, a powerful ally against the night variety of mosquitoes. We have also a powerful ally for the diurnal twelve hours against the day variety, if we but study its habits, and cause it to be of service to us. This ally is known as the Dragon Fly, the Mosquito Hawk, or the Devil's Darning Needle. To realize that this service can be effected, we have but to contemplate to what a high state of cultivation man has brought one of Nature's wild insects, the honey bee.

That the propagation of the Dragon Fly will involve the hardest kind of work, and will often meet with dismal and disheartening failures, goes without saying; but the labor involved will not be as hard as the bat work was, because, dealing with a daylight creature, the studies can be carried on during the day, while the bat work had to be done principally at night.


As our American women are more and more creditably filling important roles in every-day affairs, it has occurred to the author, that, if some lady enthusiast, desiring to be of real value to her fellow-beings and to do something fundamentally different from women's ordinary pursuits, would take up this work, she would find an ideal out-door recreation in an unexplored field; in fact the daintiness of the work and the beauty of the insect itself suggest its being in dainty hands; besides, what a thing of beauty a collection of these varicolored insects would be! It ought particularly to appeal to our young ladies of wealth, as its performance would take both time and money. No particular training or specializing in any branch of science would be required; all that would be necessary would be infinite patience, a little common sense, and the natural ability of being able to SEE, when one looks.

In order to assist some fellow-worker in these studies, the author presents these data, carried on almost up to the time of closing this manuscript, for he feels they would materially assist such a worker. The investigator will find herself placed on her mettle; and if with initiative and concentration she succeed in verifying by experiment one little thought of her own creation, she will enjoy satisfaction incomparable.

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